This is my Showcase featuring some of the projects I've worked on and artwork I've created over the years.

Games and 3d graphics are my main passions and I have professional experience both as an artist, level designer and game designer.

I've recently joined a 3 man indy project called framebunker, where we are working hard to create our first Unity title Static Sky for iPad.

Feel free to contact me regarding comments, or questions you may have.


Static Sky

Artwork & Level Design

Static Sky environment art:


Roof environment


Street environment


Alley environment


Robot lab environment

Hitman Absolution

Level Design

Hitman Absolution was a massive project, where i was fortunate enough to design and work on several levels, including the E3 2011 "Run For Your Life" demo.

My role as a level designer on the team was everything from mocking up geometry, to setting up NPCs and gameplay moments, and writing temp dialogue to support the moments in the level.

Note that I did not contribute with artwork for this title, only design.


Hitman Absolution (2012)
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: IO Interactive

HMA - Run For Your Life

Level Design

I was responsible for the level design on the library section of "Run For Your Life".
I did the mockup geometry, setup of NPCs, level markup and establishing the dialogue beats.
It was an awesome challenge supporting multiple styles of gameplay, non-linear navigation while maintaining the integrity of the critical path in the E3 demo.


Hitman Absolution (2012)
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: IO Interactive

HMA - A Personal Contract

Level Design

For the Hitman Absolution tutorial level I designed the gameplay/NPC setups and establishing the beats throughout and made sure they presented a small challenge while learning the player about the game.
I also did some layout tweaks to support the moments and to make sure the level flow and opportunities played and communicated clearly.


Hitman Absolution (2012)
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: IO Interactive

HMA - Terminus

Level Design

Hotel Terminus was a case of restoring legacy layouts for the ground and top floors, with some extensions added to the real estate. For instance I added an additional side alley to give the player more transitions between the cozy inside and the rainy outside.

I also completely reworked the basement and added several entrances to facilitate infiltration and encourage exploration.


Hitman Absolution (2012)
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: IO Interactive


Hitman Absolution (2012)
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: IO Interactive

HMA - Additional

Level Design

Other Hitman Absolution levels I worked on doing partial design, layout and/or setup:

Hunter and Hunted (Derelict building, Convenience Store, Loading Area, Chinese New Year)

Blackwater Park (Ground Floor)


Short Film

E.T.A (Estimated Time of Arrival). Pop culture inspired short film from 2008 created by JUNK - a demo group I've been a part of since the 90's. We travel to LAN events in Denmark and Germany to compete in graphics and animation. My experiences with the demoscene is the main reason I love making graphics and always appreciate healthy competition among peers.

E.T.A. was by far our biggest production ever. It started out as a small and crazy idea and ended up as a... big and crazy idea. You can watch the entire shortfilm here.

Spaceship Interior and Marvin. (click image for enlargement)
Interior concept, modeling and texturing: Søren Andersen.
Composite, lighting and props: Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen.
Marvin character concept, modeling and texturing: Michael La Cour Ditlevsen.
Spaceship Exterior. (click image for enlargement)
Spaceship concept, modeling and texturing: Søren Andersen.
Composite and lighting: Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen.
Background art: Michael La Cour Ditlevsen.

Joe Close-up
(H. R. Giger homage)

Cargo Door

More Joe
(H. R. Giger homage)

Marvin ready to give up


Design and Artwork

SunAge was an ambitious attempt at creating a full RTS game with a minimum of experience and resources. I created all ingame assets, including 3 factions with a dozen units and buildings each, rendering out tiles, composition of tiles, animations etc. I also worked quite a bit on the game design as well as designed all the multiplayer maps and map polish on all the single player maps. We somehow managed to ship the game with a small publishing deal but the game never got any attention due to bugs and lack of Q/A. It was driven by pure passion and was a great personal- as well as learning experience.


SunAge - 2007

SunAge05 SunAge02 SunAge03 SunAge04
Behemoth Golgotha

Behemoth Unit

Golgotha Unit

Personal Projects

A selection of some of the artwork I've created for competitions or just for fun.


Competitive Modeling

CAIN was an attempt at recreating the awesome design from the movie RoboCop2 using sub-d modelling. It was done for a cgtalk hardcore modeling challenge in my sparetime over the course of about a month.

I rarely work strictly from references when doing projects on my own, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity.
Click here for wire


CAIN - 2008 (click image for enlargement)
Modeling: Søren Andersen.
Rendering and lighting: Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen.
Special Thanks to Insroo for reference pictures.
Original design: Phil Tippett and Craig Davies


Some of the 3D artwork I've created over the years. Mainly for demoscene competitions under the nickname 'Trenox'.

Kit-bash robot

Kit-bash robot - 2009
(click image for enlargement)


Assorted 3d characters
(click image for enlargement)

Fallen Angel Last Hope Church Thing Robots!

Fallen Angel - 2004
CgTalk 'Machine Flesh'

Last Hope - 2008
Break Point

Church Thing - 2012

Robots! - 2011

Mudbox Monster The Pilot

Mudbox Monster - 2008

The Pilot - 2009
Break Point

Contact Info

Feel free to contact me regarding questions or comments.


Søren Pødenphant Andersen
Glostrup 2600, Denmark
Email: Sorena@email.dk
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